RF Coaxial Connector L29 Series

L29 (DIN 7/16) series are screw coupling coaxial connectors, which are manufactured according to the specification of IEC169-4 and DIN 47223. They have the characteristics of low wastage, big transmission power and so on. Most of them have the waterproof structure. They can be used for outdoor transmission lines’ connect of middle and high power, and widely applied for microwave transmission and mobile communication systems.


1. Technical Characteristics:

Temperature range: -40~+85?         


2. Electrical Characteristics:

Characteristic impedance: 50Ω

Working voltage: 330V max

Frequency range: 0~7.5GHz

Dielectric withstanding voltage: at sea level 2700V (volts RMS)

Contact resistance: center contact ≤1.0mΩ 

                             Outer contact ≤0.5m<span lang="EN-US"

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number:

RF Coaxial Connector L29 Series


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