RF Coaxial Connector L9 Series

L9 (DIN1.6/5.6) series are screw coupling miniature coaxial connectors, which are developed and manufactured according to specification of IEC169-13, CECC 22240 and DIN 47295. They have the characteristics of small size, high mechanical and electrical stability and used in many types of communication equipments.


1. Technical Characteristics:

Temperature range: -40~+85?         


2. Electrical Characteristics:

Characteristic impedance: 75Ω

Working voltage: 330V max

Frequency range: 0~1GHz

Dielectric withstanding voltage: at sea level 1000V (volts RMS)

Contact resistance: center contact ≤10.0mΩ 

                             Outer contact ≤5.0mΩ


Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number:

RF Coaxial Connector L9 Series


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