RF Coaxial Connector MCX Series

RF Coaxial Connector MCX Series



1. Technical Characteristics:

Temperature range: -65~+165?         


2. Electrical Characteristics:

Characteristic impedance: 50Ω, 75Ω

Working voltage: 500V max

Frequency range: 0~6GHz (50Ω)   0~1.5GHz (75Ω)  

Dielectric withstanding voltage: at sea level 750V (volts RMS)

Contact resistance: center contact ≤5.0mΩ 

                             Outer contact ≤2.5mΩ

Insulation resistance: ≥1000 mΩ

VSWR: Straight ≤1.20(50Ω); ≤1.35(75Ω)


3. Mechanical Characteristics

Body or other metallic part: Brass, gold plated 

Male center contacts: Brass, gold plated

Female center contacts: Beryllium copper, gold plated

Insulators: PTFE

Crimp ferrules: Copper alloy, nickel or gold plated

Sealing washer: Silicone rubber

Connector durability: 500 cycles


The product is compliance with ROHS standard.


We can develop and manufacture all sorts of RF coaxial connectors according to your special requirements on OEM basis, welcome to contact us for more information.



MCX series are snap-on coupling microminiature coaxial connectors which are developed according to the specifications of CECC 22220. With 30% smaller size than SMB connectors, they are sure to fit most applications where space, weight, performance and manner of assembly are required in RF circuits of communication instruments.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: RF Coaxial Connector MCX

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